Shakespeare Today


Let's perform a Shakespeare play together - in a single day

Imagine the children of your school all joining together to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream to each other – and the whole process, including preparation only taking one day!

Or if you prefer we can explore Macbeth (available until February 23rd 2018) or The Tempest (available from February 26th 2018).

This day of class-by-class workshops leading to a shared final performance will provide a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare’s greatest comedy.

At the end of the day the children will perform a version of the play to each other in a shared assembly lasting about 40 minutes with each class telling a different part of the story. Our workshop leader will direct, and knit the production together as we go.

The children will get to explore and understand the characters and the story, will lose their fear of Shakespeare, and will experience performing in a way they will never forget.

The final shared assembly is a key part of the day, and an opportunity for the children to engage with the play as a whole, as well as to play their own parts. We recommend that parents should not attend it, but instead you could choose to recreate the performance for parents on a subsequent day.

The children loved it and have been talking about it since. The workshop leader grabbed the children’s attention immediately and made sure they were all actively involved. We would highly recommend this workshop.
— Literacy Co-ordinator, Norwood Green Junior School, Mar 2014

Different schedules

For junior schools, KS2 groups, and numbers of classes that don't fit the 'one day' schedule we can offer independent class by class workshops throughout the day. These could last between 40 and 90 minutes.

These workshops can be booked in full or half days.



What you need to know!

The director: An accomplished, professional actor experienced in working with children

Topics: Storytelling, imagination, emotions of characters, verse, responding to the story, sound of words, sounds of the story.

Age range: Reception to Year 6

Location: In your school hall


In a one form entry primary school Reception and Year 1 will provide the environment and the sound effects for the play, whilst Years 2 to 6 lead one act of the play each. Each group attends one session during the day, leading to a final shared session.

Variations in scheduling are possible for larger and smaller schools, and infant and junior schools. Two form entry primaries need two days - for half the children each day.

Equipment required: A projector in the hall, connected to Powerpoint. Lots of cups of tea!

Do not delay, just go ahead and book the workshop. A wonderful learning experience for all ages led by proficient practitioners.
— Deputy Head, St Joseph's In The Park, March 2014